Plastic Thermo-Vacuum Formed Porduct Service

Manufacturing and Supplying Global Quality Custom Type Plastic Products

SSI Moulds is a premium manufacturer and supplier of thermoformed plastic components, offering pressure thermoforming, vacuum thermoforming and twin sheet thermoforming along with various value-added services. Thermoforming is a plastic production process that heats a two dimensional rigid thermoplastic sheet and uses vacuum and/or pressure to form that sheet into a three dimensional shape.

Plastic Thermoforming

The combination of tooling and production time provides a measure of comparison. For pressure forming, the typical tooling time is 0-7 weeks, and first production typically happens within 2 weeks of that.

SSI Moulds offers the technologies and expertise for the packaging industry like thermoforming, vacuum forming, food packaging containers, seed trays, blister packaging, transparent packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, plastic cutlery tray ABS/PVC/PS/HIPS and various other products.

Plastic Thermoforming

We are one of the leading custom thermoformers in New Delhi, Delhi, India, SSI Moulds provides unparalleled customer service and satisfaction. We leads the nation in innovative packaging solutions that encompass every stage of packaging design and manufacturing, from initial proposals to the finished product. We provides a wide range of thermoforming, tooling, and design services, and we also maintains strict controls over the process from start to finish to ensure faster response times and superior results.

As a member of the Thermoforming Institute, it is our goal to work with other like-minded thermoforming packaging companies to envision and create new techniques and processes to improve our services for our extensive and varied customer base. This commitment to customer satisfaction has made us an industry leader among product packaging companies in innovative packaging solutions throughout the marketplace, from uniquely appealing retail designs to chemically insert pharmaceutical packaging solutions. We aim to be the sole-source plastic packaging company for all our customer's various needs.