• Contract Manufacturing


    We have the manufacturing facility and technical expertise to help your organization to achieve industry-leading performance and optimize the costs of your products. SSI Moulds innovates through technological development and product engineering.

    Contract Manufacturer

    SSI Moulds is a contract manufacturer with a core competency in plastic injection molding, plastic thermoforming and vacuum forming. We partner with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) on mechanical and electronic products sub-assemblies to complete final assemblies and products.

    Our OEM partners prefer us for contract manufacturing an extension of their manufacturing operations – providing them an integrated, streamlined, turnkey, cost effective manufacturing process for assemblies through finished products.

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  • Custom Product Development


    SSI Moulds is a full-service custom plastic product development company with in-house tooling and manufacturing facility. We service our customer's needs with end-to-end plastic product solutions–from design and prototyping through product development and production.

    Custom Product Development

    In addition to determining 85% of a plastic injection moulded parts cost, the design impacts quality, reliability, functionality, serviceability and manufacturability. It effects how quickly a new product can be introduced and is a key driver of competitive advantage.

    With many manufacturers offering injection moulded plastic products, SSI Moulds believes our true success comes only from an approach and commitment to plastic injection moulding and plastic thermo-vacuum forming process that provides each customer unparalleled competitive advantage in terms of global quality, appeal, efficiencies and increased profitability.

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  • Mould Development


    With over 22 years of plastic injection mould design and mould building experience, SSI Moulds is known for high precision moulds designed and built to optimize plastic injection moulding performance and tool longevity.

    Mould Development

    Our skilled engineers and in-house tooling facilities use state of the art injection mould making equipment and technology, we have built up 2800 moulds. Our dedication to project management provides our customers with timely project status updates.

    Plastic injection moulds are an important asset and regular maintenance is important to for longevity of the mould and quality of the parts it produces. SSI Moulds mould maintenance programs are customized based on the mould design, complexity and material, but typically include daily preventative maintenance, mould inspection, minor and more major mould maintenance.

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  • Plastic Injection Moulding


    The very first step in plastic injection moulding process where we get to understand the product design & material selection, understanding the products application, intended market & performance, end use objective and use environment. Then the second is takes place where the tool is been designed on the latest software's keeping in mind about mould efficiency, longevity and performance while designing the mould. In the third step the injection moulding process is finally initiated with latest injection moulding technologies, we thoroughly focus on product tolerances and product inspection is done.

    Plastic Injection Moulding

    SSI Moulds custom injection moulded products are providing competitive advantage for OEMs in many applications and markets, including automotive, utility vehicles, packaging, agriculture, construction, furniture, trucking, defence, consumer products, appliances and several other industrial products.

    All of our plastic injection moulding facilities follows the same systems and procedures, so no matter which SSI Moulds facility or facilities you use, they will look and feel the same and provide the same high level of quality and service.

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  • Plastic Thermoforming


    SSI Moulds is a premium manufacturer and supplier of thermoformed plastic components, offering pressure thermoforming, vacuum thermoforming and twin sheet thermoforming along with various value-added services. Thermoforming is a plastic production process that heats a two dimensional rigid thermoplastic sheet and uses vacuum and/or pressure to form that sheet into a three dimensional shape.

    Plastic Thermoforming

    The combination of tooling and production time provides a measure of comparison. For pressure forming, the typical tooling time is 0-7 weeks, and first production typically happens within 2 weeks of that.

    SSI Moulds offers the technologies and expertise for the packaging industry like thermoforming, vacuum forming, food packaging containers, seed trays, blister packaging, transparent packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, plastic cutlery tray ABS/PVC/PS/HIPS and various other products.

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