We manufacture plastic components and finished products for customers in the automotive, electronics, home appliances, consumer household industries and other industrial products.

SSI Moulds works with all types of high reliability plastics to manufacturing a large portfolio of custom-made, global quality and precision Plastic Products. we uses latest technology to process plastic injection moulding. Our injection molding capacity includes 2-shot, 3-shot, as well as insert and gas-assisted injection equipment.

We assist our clients in the selection of appropriate materials and processes to meet the most complex design requirements in their products. once your product design is finalized we commence on mould development process and on its completion we proceed to final production, we are capable to produce your parts in a very timely and cost effective manner.

Whatever be either your requirement - large or small, complex or simple at SII we have the necessary resources and technique to achieve.

Automotive Plastic Products

Automotive Plastic Products

Today’s automotive industry not only is under pressure, but also facing with more complex design challenges including fuel economy and material savings. as more and more plastics have been chosen as the preferred alternative, optimized plastics injection molding processes is essential for automakers to remain competitive in the industry.

Where we assist our clients in complex products and parts development we also guide them for material selection and design which suits the application of the product itself

Electronics Plastic Products

Electronics Plastic Products

Plastics are used largely for electronics devices, lighting products due to its premium thermal and insulating properties. The wide application can range from electronic switchgear box, electrical switches, electronic plastic enclosures, electrical light fittings… etc. Due to more and more electronics are featuring with lightweight, small size, high power and high efficiency, the miniaturization trend has posed great challenges on plastic electronic parts.

We are the preferred manufacturer and supplier of various typess of plastic components for electronics industry. we have develop many plastic products and supplying to electronics majors

Appliances Plastic Products

Appliances Plastic Products

With years of experience supplying several types of plastic products to home appliances majors, we understand the challenge which the industry faces today – to reduce costs, improve sustainability and cope with changing consumer tastes. we provides a eminent solution of custom type plastic products with great quality that focuses on enabling manufacturers to make appliances that are more robust and more cost-efficient.

We are committed to continuously developing new, innovative products and improving current products, used in a range of home appliance parts.

Household Plastic Products

Consumer Household Plastic Products

The applications of plastics have extended far beyond daily products. They range from personal care, household goods, food and beverage packaging, toys, sporting equipment to electrical components and panels. In other words, plastics are ubiquitous in our daily lives and play a vital role in consumer products industry. However, consumer products manufacturers will have to ensure their success by making a quick response to constant challenges such as mass production, product quality variation, material savings and time-to-market.

At SSI Moulds we welcome our clients with their custom type products designs

Furniture Hardware Parts

Furniture Hardware Products

We are also proving the eminent solution to furniture manufacturers, offering furniture legs, shutter corner fittings, profile brackets, furniture fitting parts etc. Our strengths include a range of core competencies in manufacturing an ever widening product range with global quality levels at low-cost manufacturing.

We are providing our customer with cost effective products, supplying several of furniture hardware products to our prominent customers, furthest meeting the diverse needs of our customers. we also satisfy you with your personalized OEM needs for products innovation, and make sure the products quality meet the global standards.

Plastic Thermoformed Products

Plastic Thermoformed Products

As SSI Moulds has grown, we have refined and further developed the thermoforming and vacuum forming process which allow to manufacturing a large and complex products that could never have been conceived in the previous generation. Today’s thermoformed products can match the quality and finish of injection molding, in high performance plastics, and in sizes that dwarf the capabilities of other techniques.

We are also proud to offer a manufacturing service which is equally state of the art. we uphold a strong commitment to our customers and deliver the best they deserve.