Mould Development Service

Manufacturing and Supplying Global Quality Custom Type Plastic Products

With over 22 years of plastic injection mould design and mould building experience, SSI Moulds is known for high precision moulds designed and built to optimize plastic injection moulding performance and tool longevity.

Mould Development

Our skilled engineers and in-house tooling facilities use state of the art injection mould making equipment and technology, we have built up 2800 moulds. Our dedication to project management provides our customers with timely project status updates.

Plastic injection moulds are an important asset and regular maintenance is important to for longevity of the mould and quality of the parts it produces. SSI Moulds mould maintenance programs are customized based on the mould design, complexity and material, but typically include daily preventative maintenance, mould inspection, minor and more major mould maintenance.

All new plastic injection moulds undergo mould trial and qualification to ensure all part dimensions are correct and the mould functions properly. As part of the mould trial and qualification, SSI Moulds utilizes scientific injection moulding to establish consistent, repeatable plastic injection moulding process parameters to control the moulding process and ensure consistent quality products are produced at a lower overall cost.