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Automotive Plastic Products

Manufacturing and Supplying Global Quality Custom Type Plastic Products

Today's automotive industry not only is under pressure, but also facing with more complex design challenges including fuel economy and material savings. as more and more plastics have been chosen as the preferred alternative, optimized plastics injection molding processes is essential for automakers to remain competitive in the industry.

Where we assist our clients in complex products and parts development we also guide them for material selection and design which suits the application of the product itself.

Automotive Plastic Products

We provide the widest range of solutions to the automobile manufacturing industry, SSI Moulds is among leading manufacturers of Automotive plastic products, and becoming the industry leading OEM supplier. SSI Moulds has had the opportunity to supply the plastic products and moulds to India's flagship automotive brands like Minda Corporation Limited, Lumax Automation Industries Limited, Britax Industries Limited. we supplies to major automobile manufacturer in the country and overseas.

Developing business relationships with world leaders in the automotive industry was a masterstroke for growth of SSI Moulds, stimulating the company to set global standards of performance for itself and develop world-class products.

Automotive Plastic Products

We operate in a continuous improvement culture that allows us to constantly enhance product performance and help you increase profitability. we understand the needs of customers around the world and are constantly working to develop creative and innovative products to meet the demands of individual markets. With this focus on continuous improvement through products and quality assurance, we are able to be "our customers' best partner."

Since 1992, SSI Moulds is built on a rich tradition of commitment to customers. Our customer focused traits have promoted the growth of our business to include automotive and other products. Our contract manufacturing can help you take your product from concept to market. For specialty solutions that keep your business on the cutting edge, trust SII. To learn more visit our factory.